• Sports Programs

    Promoting childrens health through participation in sport.

  • Learning Campaigns

    Promoting quality learning and education initiatives.

  • Funding Research

    Better life outcomes through medical and scientific research.

  • Helping Communities

    Supporting families that have been affected by adversity.

Supporting Local Development Programs
Making a difference to local communities.

About Us

We are a not-for-profit organisation


Supporting Local Improvements

We support and fund programs designed to benefit children in the areas of health, education and sustainability.

Community engagement and support from local communities are key drivers for each program we promote.

Every child should have the opportunity to participate.

Making a difference

We are proud to help fund charities so they can continue making a diference in the lives of people they support.

Best Quality Outcomes

We aim to get the best value of the funds we raise, so it makes sense to only support the programs with the best quality outcomes for money spent.

Our Programs

We support initiatives in 3 key community areas



We believe one of the best ways to promote health through communities is to encourage active participation in sport and exercise.

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Education is a key factor in helping communities flourish and prosper. We promote and support quality initiatives in schools.

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We support charities that fund research and help families with children in need and make a difference to their everyday lives.

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Good4Global Charity Foundation
52 Martin Place
Sydney 2000, NSW Australia